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Grading & Marking Services


Each fashion designer represents their own identity and fit.

Quality Patterns provides unparalleled technical consultation and connection between design and production.


Our network of experienced pattern makers can draft a pattern from a sketch or a sample or digitize and manipulate your paper patterns.


Digital patterns can be quickly graded, marked, and archived for future garment production.


We have years of experience helping designers with every step of their design and development process.

Design consultation, sketching, sourcing materials, pattern making, sample making, fitting, tech packs, marking, and grading are all in-house and ready to take your ideas to market.  


Design Consultation and Sourcing

Every client, both emerging and established designers, have access to our expert consulting process. Through our personalized client-based consultation, our team can customize every aspect of digitizing, grading, and pattern-making needs for every garment in your portfolio. 

This process allows emerging designers and leading brands close connection to all our services to expedite sourcing, concept development, and sell research to bring your designs to market.

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Pattern Grading

Pattern Grading

Grading is in many ways a product of technical engineering and creative artistry.


Grading allows designers to create size ranges for a single garment, using a prototype or sample.


No amount of modern computer technology or overseas capabilities can replace the hand and eye of a Master Grader. It is a craft that can and does make all the difference in the success of a garment.


The Grading process transforms a sample pattern into a perfectly sized grade spec sheet.  This process is then applied to every pattern being graded. Many major brands and stores consult with our graders to overview, recommend and correct their specs prior to sending in patterns to us for grading.

Marker Making

Marker Making

Once a pattern is approved for production and graded, our markers arrange patterns in the most cost-effective manner to optimize every square inch of fabric. The graded pattern parts are marked to the grading specifications and cuttable widths of the material. Our markers outline the amount of fabric yardage needed to create a specific garment's size and the number of sizes. 


Our many years of experience with patterns for Women's Wear, Men's Wear, Kids' Wear, Swimwear, Sportswear, Plus Sizes, Evening and Wedding Gowns, Suits, and Lingerie give us confidence that we can develop any project, regardless of the complexity with quality and cost-efficiency.

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Digitizing has become the most popular method of converting manual patterns to digital form. Pattern Digitizing is how 2D physical patterns get converted into a digital file used for grading and marking. Available as a separate service or included in our packages, pattern digitizing streamlines file sharing between clients and their factories. 


Your pattern is scanned into a computer-aided design (CAD) system using pattern digitizing software that preserves your original shape and can be edited, retraced, and accessed anytime. After successfully sketching and reviewing, we store your designs and digitally deliver them anywhere in the world via email. 

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Plotting is the process of printing the life-size pattern and marker. A client may ask for only one or several sizes to be plotted, as well as a non-production sample or a full-marker. 


All that the atelier, designer, production team, or patternmaker needs for a garment will be printed during the plotting process to help our clients visualize their product. We can deliver or ship the plot to you or have it ready for pick up from our Garment District loft.

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Tech Packs
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Tech Packs

The tech pack is a document that encompasses all the clothing specs, including measurements, pattern cards, flat sketch, contraction and style details, trim, embroidery and printing details, colorways, label details and placement, and more.


This saves time, helps our clients save on production costs, and has all questions answered before the manufacturing process.

When Quality Patterns receives a pattern for service, our goal is to ensure the design vision and fit to guarantee consistency across all size offerings.


Our services extend to working closely with designers, pattern makers, and production teams to ensure a complete understanding of a company's manufacturing needs and to help grow their businesses.

If you are new to the fashion design world and willing to start a collection and learn all about the design process, or if you already have a brand and looking to scale it up, you are in the right place.

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