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Partners in Style

Emerging Designer to Legendary Red-Carpet Couturier

Based in New York City, Quality Patterns was founded on the core belief that customer service, like all things, is the best product we can deliver matched with our high standards of marking and grading.
Our focus is to provide the most help to you as a prominent or emerging fashion designer, or an established brand with a complete team of specialists, pattern makers, and sample makers equipped with the latest technology and backed by years in bringing various garments to life. 

The Garment Districts Best Kept Secret


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Joseph Lipari


Maria Lipari

Director of Operations

Mario Lipari


Started over 50+ years ago, Quality Patterns is 2nd generation Italian - family-owned business located in New York City's famed Garment District.

Sketch to Marking and Grading. All in one Shop! 

We are familiar with the usual challenges and possess the skills and expertise required to tackle them. Our ultimate goal is to support the fashion community by simplifying the development and production processes at a competitive price.

Our network, matched with a team of experienced pattern makers, works with designers through drafting a pattern from a sketch, a sample, or digitizing and manipulating your own paper patterns.

Quality Patterns saves you valuable time and money by reducing material costs associated with wastage at every point in the production cycle. Our clients are able to go directly from receiving an order to cutting fabric in the shortest time possible to get your designs to market, fast!

Worldwide Compatible and State-of-the-Art

Our facility is state of the art, offering several CAD software systems. We provide a multitude of services from our core Grading and Marking, specializing in extremely complicated specs and engineered fabric placement among many others.


Flexible and On-Time

We work to bring your designs to market in the most consistent, high-quality, and efficient manner every day.  We are accustomed to the high demand and short lead time to react.  The faster we can connect, the more options you have in moving your designs to market.

Quality Patterns Team

Our expert team is equally as dedicated to our clients as our founders, Mario Lipari, Joseph Lipari, and Maria Lipari. We have proudly worked together for over 35 years, becoming an extended family - mastering the craft of Marking and Grading and always remembering there is no “I” in Team.

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